‘Country Treks is absolutely amazing if I could rate it higher I would. I decided to go back to horse riding after losing my confidence and after having an assessment lesson and booking take back the reins I knew I couldn’t have picked a better riding school. Thank you guys for starting my riding journey all over again.’- N Ellis

‘A riding school like this is very difficult to find. The staff are amazing and the horses are perfect. Some normal school horses and some advanced. All the horses are really well looked after and have their own personalities. As a bigger/ plus size rider at other stables I have been made to feel very unwelcome. I had no trouble whatsoever at all at Country Treks I feel like a normal person and I do everything that everyone else does. My riding is improving every lesson and I feel like my confidence jumping is going to get a lot better. 100% give Country Treks a go… you will love it!!- V Dorman

I wanted to get back in to riding after 20+ years. I’ve gone from a complete nervous wreck to cantering across stubble fields in a matter of weeks! Super staff, friendly and patient. Steph the owner is great, very down to earth and safe, responsive horses for all abilities. Wish I could go more often.- S Gregory