Blog // The Secret Diary of Arthur

18th March 2018

The Secret Diary of Arthur

Hi Everyone,
My name is Arthur and I will be 12 months old on Grand National Day (8th April.) Rumour has it thats where my name came from…. a very handsome, athletic horse was first past the post to win and I inherited his name…. they obviously knew I was going to inherit his good looks too. The only difference is I am a little chunkier but still just as handsome of course.
My mum, Charlie Girl came to work at Country Treks but little did they know she was carrying me and was a month pregnant when she arrived (i’ve always loved surprises!) So months later after the vet checking mum over I arrived and had lots of love, cuddles and photos, but I didn’t really understand what the fuss was about!
I have an easy life, I am spoilt rotten by our head girl Molly who loves me more than everyone else, she makes sure I have the latest rugs and that I am happy and content, which I am!
Even though I don’t work I get to share a stable with my best friend Henry. When me and mum got split up everyone got tense and worried but I was very brave and had my best friend beside me so it was fine. Mum decided I was that tough she packed her bag and went on holiday! I think she’d secretly had enough of wanting to play all the time but I know she missed my antics really!
Anyway i’m nearly a year old and have had a good look into what life is like on a busy riding school where I live, the horses tell me all their secrets and I see some really interesting stuff…. I promise to share the gossip so come back and visit me again soon!

Arth x