Changing Lives Through Horses

Country Treks are proud to be working in partnership with the British Horse Society to deliver a programme which allows disengaged young people to develop key skills and engage them back in to society. We are passionate in knowing the positive impact that horses have on people’s lives and that it may just be the answer when all other options have failed. Changing Lives Through Horses is a powerful way of encouraging young people regardless of their background to learn key skills that could enable them to return to education or employment.

Country Treks has had great success in providing a fresh start to our young people, where the slate is wiped clean and they are able to learn as the individuals that they are. Check out one of our greatest success stories here:

Steph CPA Success Story    Click Here!

At Country Treks, we are committed to ensuring the programme changes as many lives as possible, and are working in partnership with secondary schools and youth organisations to provide an array of educational and career pathways to support continued development in an environment which celebrates positive change.