6 Week Horse Riding Course


At Country Treks we offer a 6-week horse riding course for new riders, former riders, and rusty riders who want to ‘Take Back The Reins’. It is never too late to start learning and not only is it a great activity for your fitness, it can also help your mental wellbeing and relieve any stress.

Remember the joy of climbing into the saddle and forgetting your worries, building a relationship with a horse and soaking up the fresh air and countryside… wherever life has taken you, find a little ‘me time’ to rekindle that feeling and ‘Take Back the Reins’ with our 6-week horse riding course.

What is really special about Country Treks is the camaraderie that is built in the sessions, not only do you learn to ride together but the friendships that are built in a short space of time really make it worthwhile!

6 Week Horse Riding Course Details
This course will offer you the chance to get back into the saddle, learn the basics, tacking up, un-tacking, horse handling and enjoy the good company of like minded people. By the end of the 6 weeks you will be cantering in the beautiful Shropshire Countryside.

Fitting horse riding into your week can be easy! If you have kids we offer a ‘Pony and Play’ session that runs along side some of our the ‘Take Back The Reins’ courses, so childcare doesn’t have to be an issue.

Call the Country Treks’ office on 01746 718436 for full details of current and future dates.