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Take Back The Reins

Take Back The Reins is the perfect way to boost confidence, have fun and get back in the saddle! If you used to be a regular rider but have taken a break or if you've always been desperate to have a go but never quite got round to it then why not now?

So how does it work?

Each week, Tuesday to Friday we will be hosting a brand new TBTR group at 9.30am and 12.00pm each day.... the perfect time to join in after the kids have gone to school or before pick up! The session will run for 1.5hrs and will include a lesson or a hack with one of our fantastic coaches, learning the art of tacking up, untacking, grooming and any other stable management you might be keen to learn! 

The session is completely flexible and can be adjusted to suit the groups needs each week, so if you decide you want to change things up and head out for a hack one week you can! 

It also includes a hot drink and a cake to finish along with discussions and feedback on how you think it went and what you'd like to progress to next!

So grab a group of friends, mums & dads from school or even relatives and come and join us to try something new!

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