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Alternative Education 

We offer education programmes for young people 5 days a week. Bespoke training and education following the national curriculum as well as traditional NVQ and BHS awards. 


Imagine a school where horses are the medium for learning! Courses mapped out to cover key stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 - yes that's right! A real equestrian school to engage young people who for whatever reason have not fitted into mainstream school. History, Maths, English, Science using horses on he national educational framework - learning in a safe and predominately outdoor environment. We pride ourselves on coaching the individual so no two packages will be the same...meaning a complete tailor made, bespoke education. The team at Country Treks are led by Steph eddies Davies level 4 coach / proprietor and all the staff not only are highly qualified active coaches but are hand picked for their empathy and understanding. 

The Benefits 

  •  Improved engagement and confidence 

  • Improved behaviour

  • Gain vital transferable skills 

  • Improved communication and peer relations 

If you would like to arrange a visit and a chat to our lead BHS Accredited professional coach and mentor Steph Eddies Davies and hear how we might make a difference to someone's life, please email us! 

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