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Meet the Team!

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Steph is the owner and founder of Country Treks and has 50 + years experience in horses. Her mum used to buy, sell and produce young horses and Steph's sister Mel is a qualified and highly sought after saddle fitter. Steph is BHBS BETCM and a professional accredited coach. She is also a NVQ assessor and level 4 youth worker. Over the years she still enjoys taking rides and teaching. Her speciality is the nervous novice but enjoys coaching all levels and loves running the changing lives and the personal development and educational courses.

"I am really in love with my job and I pride myself in having a truly dedicated and exceptional team of staff and horses. 


Issy is the latest recruit to join the Country Treks team and her endless enthusiasm and team spirit is the reason she was absolutely the perfect fit to Country Treks. Issy is a Level 3 Coach and Centre Manager- currently training for Level 4 and has a passion for not only improving herself with continuous CPD and instruction but also expressing her knowledge onto the Country Treks Team.

Issy is an absolutely marvellous team member and her love for the job is shown in her smile every day come rain or shine! 



Dan is Stephs son- Owner of our sister company Top Adventures. We somehow manage to steal him on a regular basis and you will often see him working with the team at Country Treks. He is super fun, friendly and he has a really positive attitude and brings the absolute best out of every single person on the team! You will also often see him on the lake or with a group from Top Adventures but we try to get him working with the horses as much as possible or riding his favourite horse Hugo!


Well what can we say- Anna is like Wonder Woman! She worked at Country Treks many moons ago and just like the rest of them, she never really left! Anna is the calmest, kind natured person with a super friendly way about her that makes all our customers feel at ease. Anna is a vital part of our education programme and really works hard to get the very best out of each of her students. She is also Chief of our Short Breaks All In sessions and ensures the children have the very best experience. We love Anna!



Ash is one one of our senior coaches and has endless enthusiasm for everything Country Treks! Whether shes coaching in the cross country field, leading a trail ride or taking a tiny tot round the woods she will always bring a smile and want to the best for absolutely every customer. 

She absolutely loves Pony Camp and is the first to sign up to be camp leader- i'm sure her past campers will agree that they have the best week ever!


Hannah is yet another Country Treks Saturday pony club protégé! She worked for Country Treks many years ago and has recently re-joined the team to coach and take rides and we just know she is going to be a firm favourite. Hannah studied her for her exams and qualifications at Hartpury College. You will often see her working with our more nervous riders and students as she has great empathy and lots of patience and the customers love her! She is also our coach for Childrens lessons on a weekend and already a firm favourite. The running theme with Country Treks staff is that winning smile. 



From a complete beginner learning to ride on a Saturday at Country Treks, the shy Eva has transformed into our very capable student coach and ride leader. Passing all of her exams with flying colours, her dedication to being the best at what she does will stand her in good stead. She is always professional, mature and confident and inspires customers with her lovely manner. She loves riding her own horse Bob and is looking forward to getting out competing this year. Eva gets rave reviews from her Tiny Tots sessions regularly!


There seems to be a running theme with the current team members.... Again Emma worked with Anna years ago and now they are back together! Emma has a bright, bubbly & enthusiastic personality and is really passionate about her RDA Groups and Students. Emma is also itching to take the Brown Clee Hill Rides in the Summer as she just loves leading the treks & trails. Emma is the first to sign up to taking any of our Trail Rides and Day Rides so you will often see her out and about exploring the Shropshire hills.



Isy is another of our younger riders who has blossomed into a wonderful team member. You will often see Isy owning the Little Rascals sessions and getting the most wonderful reviews. She is super bright and bubbly and absolutely loves working with the horses and ponies with her favourite being Barney. Isy is studying for her qualifications and has a very bright equine future ahead of her.  Isy will take any opportunity to jump aboard even our smallest of ponies to school them and is a super host on our Pony Days!


Other Team Members

Emily Culpeck- Strides Veterinary Physio

Emily is our physio. Once every six weeks our tried and trusted physio comes to check the health and well being of our beautiful horses and helps to keep them in tip top shape.

Jim the Farrier

Jim the farrier, we can’t do without him! So astute, so knowledgeable and so caring with our horses. ‘No foot, no horse’ is an old saying and to be fair Jim ensures we’ve got the very best attention for our horses.


Gary the Groom is our ex Wembley show groom who preens the horses to top show level, with beautiful pulled manes & tails and they are also clipped to perfection.

Mel Lewis

Mel Lewis is our saddle fitter. Steph’s sister, Mel, is a top Society of Master Saddlers approved fitter and she comes to the yard every 6 weeks with her keen eye for detail and changes in horses shape she makes sure our horses are comfortable with their saddles and that they are the highest quality.

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