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Meet The Horses

Lucky is an absolute dream to ride. He is a forward going and responsive ride- but not spooky in the slightest!
He absolutely loves a blast up a stubble field but equally works in a natural outline and he also loves to pop a fence! He can be speedy, but is polite and will only go when asked, otherwise he is happy to stay at the back and have a sedate canter.



A real favourite here at Country Treks. He will literally turn his hoof to anything! Hugo goes beautifully in an outline, will happily jump whatever you put in front of him and is a really lovely, comfortable hack. Hugo has experienced almost all of our trail rides over the years and is a really enjoyable ride. He has also been competing in almost every discipline and always comes home in the ribbons!!


Flash is a true gentleman! A real rock steady sort that is perfect for RDA or the more nervous rider but worry not as he has been known to win Pony Camp Chase Me Charlie and makes a lovely shape over a fence. He's more kick than pull but he is one of the safest, sanest horses you could find. He is absolutely adored by everyone.


Rodney is a gorgeous gelding with a heart of gold. He is super safe and absolutely loves to jump and gallop across the stubble. Rodney has a very kind and polite attitude and is a real gentleman. He is a joy to handle and really will be your new best friend.


Teddy is the latest recruit to join the team at Country Treks- and so far.... he has a huge fan club! He is the perfect Pony Club schoolmaster, forward going, sensible and safe. But equally knows his job and is perfect to teach dressage and for riders to understand exactly which buttons to press. He has also competed in Shw Jumping and all pony club activities to he is a marvellous allrounder.



Stunning Willow… our super Cob who excels at dressage and jumping. This lovely mare is a joy to ride! Responsive and well schooled… did we mention she is like an armchair to canter? We are totally smitten by Willow.​

She's a regular winner of chase me charlie on pony camp and is unsurprisingly always first to be picked!


What a stunner! The very handsome Indiana Jones; brave, stunning and a real gent. Indie is very much loved by customers and staff alike. He has a real presence on the yard and a gorgeous nature. Indie is a real comfortable chap with manners to die for, and enjoyed by everyone! The photos don’t do him justice…. He really is the most gorgeous gent, polite in open fields, on the ground and with a massive heart to look after anyone- he equally loves being asked to step up a gear and will produce a beautiful dressage test.


Stephs wonder horse! A 15.1hh Irish Cob he is a magic little horse who opens a gate for you and is so helpful! He is a great lead horse and is due to compete this season. He is munchable and has the cutest ‘look at me’ character. Make sure you say hello to him and you will see what we mean, he just loves people! Murphy has been there and done it all, hunter trials, dressage…. everything! He is never far away from Steph as he is her pride and joy! A real loveable chap, comfortable and fun!


Cob…. you may ask why she has such a dull name! Her name on her passport is actually Rosie but all her life everyone has called her Cob and we just continued because it does seem to be the name she knows. Having said that she is a very talented cob! She is a real armchair ride out hacking, forward off the leg, responsive….. and for all you jumping fans, Cob loves to jump!


Della.. the beautiful one! You know the saying, beautiful inside and out? Well here is the real deal! The sweetest natured, kindest, most loveable horse. She is totally honest and genuine and looks after all her riders. She is a willing and easy ride and just like an armchair. She loves her cross country and will take you over any fences with real grace. She is perfect in every way and everyone adores her nature.


Dennis the Menace! This is the cutest pony you will ever find! He is totally loveable and got a huge personality. Dennis is forward and fun and loves to jump! Luckily he is big enough for smaller adults and children alike so everyone gets to feel the dennis magic too. 

He has the kindest nature on the ground and is always up for a cuddle or two! Make sure to say hello to him if you see him on the yard!


The ultimate Barbie doll dream pony! Yes a real life palomino with long flowing blond locks, perfect to pamper and stunning for photos. This handsome boy will turn his hoof to everything and absolutely loves pony camp, galloping and jumping. He is a super comfy ride and a real head turner. He is adored by all his fans as he has a turn of speed when asked but is totally polite, handsome and will happily take a novice round the village too. Quavers favourite thing is cross country and showjumping- always in the top 3 for chase me charlie!


Make sure you try this beauty. Our chocolate dun – delicious! Gorgeous to ride, school, jump and hack. Impeccable manners. Its another one of Country Treks wonder horse. We feel very privileged to add this gorgeous horse to our profiles. Oh and did we tell you she just loves being fussed? She is a nicely forward going ride, fabulous fun to hack and she loves show jumping and cross country too!


Handsome Herbie! Herbie is an absolutely gorgeous addition to our team. A true gentleman in every way he looks after any rider if your looking for a fun blast across a field he's your man but worry not as he will happily plod around the woods too! 
He absolutely loves Pony Camp- especially the jumping! And is also a great horse for a pub ride as he stands like a rock while you've got a cider in your hand! (Tried and Tested!!) We absolutely love him!!


Gwendolin our little Welsh princess! She is the cutest child's pony ever, armchair canter, more kick than pull, gentle and sweet but will still go clear show jumping and loves to pop her logs out hacking. She is the sort of pony that should be called merry legs out of black beauty fame, totally looks after her rider.


The ultimate all round pony! Patrick is an absolute legend that will turn his hoof to anything- mounted games, jumping, cross country. He is incredibly polite and a real safe hack and he absolutely loves fuss and attention on the yard. 

He is a firm favourite on pony camp and is such a handsome chap.


Phoenix will light up your heart! 
This pony has been there, done that and got multiple t-shirts! She looks after the tiniest of jockeys but is also big enough to give the juniors their first canter on a hack or in the arena. She has the sweetest nature and is equally as kind on the ground. She is the ultimate sweetheart for a little jockey on pony camp. Everyone needs a Phoenix in their life.


Skye is an absolute legend! How we found such a fantastic pony we will never know!
He turns on the charm to everyone that meets him. He jumps, he schools, he gallops and he stops when you pull. He really is worth his weight in gold! He's also a dab hand at mounted gymkhana games and will happily test the other ponies out in a race or two! He is so kind and gentle and a real loveable character.


A true connemara beauty! Meet Barney, he is our latest addition and project. Pat is working with him to make him the next riding school superstar- and boy is he that!
True to his breed he is clever and quick to learn but safe and balanced to ride. He is going from strength to strength and is guaranteed to be on top of everyones wish list!


The latest recruit to the Country Treks team. And she is already the star of the show! Peaches is the ultimate dream to hack, polite but fun and happy to stand at the pub for a drink or two. She schools beautifully in an outline and has the most awesome jump off any stride! She is a chestnut superstar but you may have to fight the staff if you want to ride her. She's been an absolute dream and fits right into life at Country Treks.


Stephs ultimate wonder horse and he really did have the heart of a lion. There was never any doubt of Paddy getting stuck out hunting- if there was a hedge, he was jumping it and more than likely giving others a lead too! He had the kindest most loving nature and even took a customer or two for a gallop in his later years (under the watchful eye of Steph!) There is no member of staff, past or present that won't agree Paddy is the heart of Country Treks, and always will be. 


Lucy is a gorgeous new addition to the team! She is a little dressage superstar and a cross country machine.... and she's gorgeous if we do say so ourselves! She is totally awesome to hack, really polite and will happily wait at the bottom of a field if everyone else is in the distance. A true beauty and a real eye catcher.


Brunno... he is awesome! Bruno is the smartest little pony, a mini Valegro! He will take the smallest of jockeys round the gruffalo trail and help them tick off their skills on the Little Rascals Riding Club, but equally turn his hoof to cantering round the arena safely in our junior lessons. He is adorable to look at and has the tiniest little ears!!


I need a Hero! That's what everyone says when they ride this handsome, handsome horse! He has joined the team and fits like a glove- a real safe, comfortable and fun hack who will equally turn his hoof to a jump lesson or flatwork lesson. We've had many requests for this horse! He is a 16.1 sports cob type but a really kind ride.


What do we possibly say about this mare! She is a dream schoolmaster with the comfiest canter, she is a superb hack and is the perfect horse to go jumping on... have we mentioned how much we love her? 
Not only do the customers want to ride her but the staff are all queueing too! If you can peel her away from Hannah you NEED to ride her. 

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