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Teenage Career Development Weekend

The Idea

A residential weekend designed to inspire, educate and help young teenagers make an informed decision regarding a career in horses.

The Itinerary

Trek Leader - a chance to taste the trek/ride leader exam and be signed off as an assistant trek leader.

Ride Safe - a chance to study and obtain 'ride safe' qualification. A massive pre-requisite for all riding careers.

Coaching - a chance to be trained and inspired by a top level international coach. Be taught the value of lunge lessons, self improvement and for budding wannabe coaches, a chance to learn from the very best!

Veterinary/ Dentistry/ Saddlery - we have access to the best in their field to give talks and advice including careers in racing, private yards, riding schools and liveries.

It will be an action packed camp with lessons, lectures and guidance as the next step for personal development.

Next date: 12th-15th April

Please email us for more dates or to discuss whether this is a suitable weekend for you/ your teenager!

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